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Ideas for Talk It Up Leaf Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

Purpose: When I've earned this leaf, I'll know more about money and what it is worth.


1. Understand different kinds of coins.

2. Know more about paper money.

3. Find outthe cost offun.



Read a book


Discussion topic




Activity Descriptions



At Home

Help your Girl Scout Daisy practice her sales skills by pretending to be different types of customers.

Talk to your Girl Scout about the importance of helping others.

Come up with something your family can do together to help others.


Leaf – Talk It Up

Craft (30 min)

Helping Daisy Pinwheel

Step 1—Decide how to use your cookie money and Step 2—Talk about how to use cookie money to help others

Watch “What can a cookie do?” on YouTube. If possible, make preparations so girls can watch this

video during the meeting. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wy31SsNPv4

Cut small vertical slits into the straws for the paper fasteners.

Cut construction paper to form a square.

1. Discuss with girls some possible options for helping others in the community with the troop cookie

money that they will earn, such as donating to charity, using the money for troop activities, etc.

2. Hand out construction paper and help girls draw an “X” on their paper, meeting the corners of the

square. Have girls label each corner section of the four triangles 1-8, starting in the upper left corner,

continuing clockwise.

3. Have each girl pick one way that she can help others with her cookie money. Have girls write it in

section two along the diagonal line with the permanent marker. If girls have more than one idea, they

can write them near the other even numbers (4, 6 and 8). Once they have written their idea(s), they

can decorate the rest of the pinwheel with crayons.

4. Help girls cut along the diagonal lines, but remember to not cut all the way to the center.

5. Adults may need to help assemble the pinwheels. Fold the odd number corners into the center of

paper and poke the paper fastener through the middle. Then, insert the fastener into the precut hole

in the straw and bend in the back to secure.

6. Have girls test out their pinwheels!

Construction paper cut into squares

Black permanent marker




Metal fasteners




Leaf – Talk It Up 1 and 2

Discussion (15 min)

Helping Others

Step 2—Talk about how to use cookie money to help others.

1. Read a book about helping others to the girls.

2. Have a group discussion about the story. Ask girls questions based on the story you read. A few

example questions are listed below:

How did the characters help others in the story?

Why is it important to help others?

How can you help others?

Children’s book related to helping others

o Lend a Helping Hand by Stan and Jan Berenstain

o Helping Mom by Mercer Mayer

Leaf – Talk It Up 2

Discussion (15 min)

Be a Daisy Top Seller!

Step 3—Inspire your customers

1. Now that girls have discussed how they can help others, have them identify what activity or activities

they would like to do as a group with their cookie proceeds. Share with them how the proceeds from

cookie sales are used and explain how much the troop will earn for each box of cookies sold.

2. Once girls have decided what to do with their cookie proceeds, explain that this is something they can

and should share with their customers. People like to know where their money goes.

3. Have girls pair up and take turns role-playing the cookie seller and the customer. Give girls an example

of what they can say to customers.

“Hi I’m a Girl Scout Daisy and I’m selling cookies to help benefit our local animal shelter. Will

you help me reach my goal by buying some cookies?”

Information about cookie proceeds


Leaf – Talk It Up 3






Sample Meeting 1


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