Leaf - Making Choices

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Ideas for Making Choices Leaf Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

Purpose: When I've earned this leaf, I'll know more about how to make choices about using money.


1. Find outthe difference between needs and wants.

2. Try setting a goal to save for what you want.

3. Help others with what they need and want.



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Activity Descriptions



At Home

Talk more about the differences between needs and wants.

Ask your Girl Scout what she decided to do to help others at home or school. Help her with her


Spend time helping others together. 


Leaf – Making Choices

Game (15 min)

Grab Bag!

Step 1—Find out the difference between needs and wants

1. Place items in large bag prior to girls’ arrival.

2. Discuss the differences between needs and wants with girls.

3. Have girls take turns pulling out items from the bag. Ask the girls if they think the item is a need or a

want. Encourage girls to think about why it is a need or want.

4. After going through the items in the bag, have the girls talk about some of the things they have at

home and whether they are needed items or wanted items. 

Large bag

Items from your house that include needs and wants. For example: food, clothes, water, jewelry and



Leaf – Making Choices 1

Game (15 min)

Goal Setting with Jumping Daisies

Step 2—Setting a goal to save for what you want

1. Discuss what a goal is with girls.

2. Have girls stand up and spread out throughout the room. They will be doing jumping jacks so ensure

each girl has enough space.

3. Have girls do jumping jacks for 15 seconds and count how many they do.

4. Have girls write down the number of jumping jacks they did. Tell girls they are going to try to increase

the number of jumping jacks they do by three.

5. Time the girls again for 15 seconds and see if they can reach their goal.

6. Try the game again for 30 seconds. Have the girls set a goal for how many jumping jacks they can do in

30 seconds. After girls reach that goal, have them increase it and try to meet the new goal. For a bigger

challenge, try 60 seconds.

7. Discuss goal setting with the girls and how it relates to money.

How can you make a plan to save money for something you want to buy?

How do you decide what you should buy?

What can you do to help yourself save money, rather than spend it? 




Leaf – Making Choices 2

Game (15 min)

Shoe Relay

1. Have girls place their right shoes in a pile at one end of the room.

2. Have each girl take a turn racing to one end of the room to find her shoe, put it back on and race back.

If you have a large group of girls, you can have girls race against each other. If you have a smaller group,

time the girls and have them do the race a second time, mixing up the order to see if they can do it

faster a second time.

3. After the games, ask girls if they think shoes are a need or a want. Explain that in some areas of the

world people don’t have shoes to wear.

4. Discuss the concept of helping others. Ask girls if anyone has ever helped others.

Have you ever helped anyone?

What did you do?

How did it make you feel?

5. Talk about some things the girls can do to help others. Write down the list of ideas. Is there one idea

that the troop can do together to help others? Do you need to spend money to help others?

6. Encourage girls to think of one thing they can do to help someone at home or someone at school. 



Leaf – Making Choices 3






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