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Ideas for Count It Up Leaf Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

Purpose: When I've earned this leaf, I'll know more about how my cookie money adds up.


1. Find out what cookies cost.

2. Learn about different kinds of cookies.

3. Set a sale goal.



Read a book


Discussion topic

  • What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
  • Can you name each of the Girl Scout cookies?
  • Who will you sell Girl Scout cookies to? 





Activity Descriptions



At Home

Continue the fun at home:

Help your Girl Scout understand costs of things by taking her to the grocery store.

Get your Girl Scout’s input when deciding on family activities that cost money.


Leaf – Count it Up (matches up with Brownie badge Money Manager)

Game (15 min)

The Cookie Booth

Step 1—Find out what cookies cost

1. Tell the girls the cost of one box of Girl Scout cookies. Check with your troop cookie manager or the

council for the current rate.

2. Have girls set up their own make-believe cookie booths using small boxes as pretend boxes of cookies.

3. Girls will take turns “purchasing” and “selling” boxes of cookies to each other using the play money.

4. Have girls use different combinations of coins and bills to purchase a box of cookies. Now have them

try putting money together to purchase two boxes of cookies.

Small boxes, such as cookie boxes or shoe boxes

Play money


Leaf – Count it Up 1

Game (20 min)

Treasure Hunt

Step 1—Understand the different kinds of coins


1. Hide coins throughout meeting space prior to girls’ arrival.

2. Once all members of the troop have arrived, have girls search for the most money (coins) they can find.

3. After five minutes, have the girls present what they found to the group. As a group, go over the

different types of coins and encourage girls to use descriptive words to explain each of the coins (big,

small, shiny, silver, round, etc.).

Assorted coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters)


Leaf – Count it Up 1

Game (20 min)

Money Math

Step 1—Understand different kinds of coins and Step 2—Know more about paper money

Note: If preferred, printable fake money can be found online at


1. Discuss with girls the value of the different coins and visually show how certain coins can add up to

equal one separate coin.

Example: 5 pennies = 1 nickel

2. Have girls practice making different amounts with the coins. After girls start to experiment with

different combinations, introduce paper money and discuss the differences in what the bills look like

using descriptive words, as the girls did in Activity #1.

3. Challenge girls to figure out how many coins you need to have $1.00 in quarters, nickels, etc.

Assorted pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters

One-dollar bill, five-dollar bill, ten-dollar bill


Leaf – Count it Up 1 and 2

Game (15 min)

Cookie Concentration

Step 2 – Learn about different kinds of cookies

1. Share with the girls the different types of cookies in this year’s Girl Scout cookie program (Samoas,

Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, Thank You Berry Munch, Dulce de


2. Split the girls into small groups of three to four. Give each group a set of cards and explain the rules of

the game.

Mix up the cards and place them face down in a grid pattern on the table or floor.

The first girl turns two cards of her choice face up.

If they match, she takes these two cards and takes another turn.

If they do not match, she turns them face down, without changing their position in the layout,

and then it is the next player’s turn.

Play continues until all cards are gone.

The girl with the most pairs wins the game. 

Cookie Concentration Cards

Cookie Concentration Cards.pdf


Leaf – Count it Up 2

Craft (20 min)

Sales Goal Door Hanger

Step 3–Set a sales goal

1. Explain to the girls that by selling cookies, their troop can earn money to help others and to do fun things.

By setting a sales goal, they can make sure they earn enough money to do the things they want to do.

2. Pass a Garden of Goals template out to each girl. Invite girls to write their “helping others” goal

(Service Goal) inside the helping hands flower. In the smiley face flower, have girls write their “Fun and

Learning” goal. Inside the cookie flower, girls can record how many cookie packages they plan to sell to

reach these goals.

3. Invite the girls to color and decorate their flower gardens. In the blank square, they can draw their own

cookie pictures.

4. Guide girls as they cut apart their flowers, using the dotted lines as guides. Have girls glue their flowers

onto their garden, gluing them to one side of a sheet of construction paper or cardstock. Girls can glue

the picture they created on the other side.

5. Give each girl a ribbon. Assist girls in attaching the ribbon to the top of the construction paper with

tape or glue.

6. Encourage girls to hang their Goals Garden at home on a door or somewhere they will see it and

remember their goals. 

Garden of Goals template (one per girl)

Sales Goal Door Hanger.pdf

Construction paper or cardstock

Coloring utensils

Ribbon or yarn (15” per girl)


Glue or tape


Leaf – Count it Up 3

Game (20 min)

Cost of Fun

1. Ask the girls to list things they do that cost money, such as go to a movie or eat at a restaurant.

2. Now ask the girls to each think of one thing they like to do that costs money. Have each girl draw her

“cost-activity” on a sheet of paper.

3. Have each girl share her drawing and activity with the group.

4. Now challenge girls to think of activities they like to do that don’t cost money, such as play at the park or go to the library.

5. Ask girls to brainstorm activities they would like to do as a troop that cost money and activities that

are free. For activities that cost money, help girls understand how much those activities would cost to

do together.

6. Optional: Have girls pick one activity from each list that they can do together as a troop this year.

Coloring utensils



Leaf – Count it Up 3 (matches up with Brownie badge Money Manager 3)






Sample Meeting 1


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