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Magenta, Respect Authority

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Ideas for Magenta, Respect Authority Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

  1. Read and discuss Geri's story
  2. Visit someone in your community who has responsibility or others like a police officer, fireman, school principle, doctor, or nurse, etc
  3. Practice respecting authority


Read a book


Read the one of the following books to begin your discussions:

  • Officer Buckle & Gloria by Peggy Rathmann. Kids don't respect Officer Buckle's safety lessons until he gets Gloria the dog to help."

  • The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter. Nutkin doesn't respect Mr. Brown (an owl) and he loses his tail for it.

  • Fire fighter Piggywiggy by Christyan A. Fox, A young pig imagines what it would be like to be a fearless fire fighter who slides down a pole, drives a fire engine, and saves someone from danger.

  • Chicken Chuck Chicken Chuck by Bill Martin. The rooster who has set himself up as boss of the barnyard by virtue of the special blue feather in the middle of his forehead, finds his authority undermined by a circus horse with two blue feathers.

  • Curious George Visits a Police Station by Margaret Rey. Curious George creates havoc at the new police station when he accidentally locks the mayor and the police chief in one of the cells.


Discussion topic


  • Who is the person you respect the most?
  • How do you show that person you respect them?
  • How does it make you feel when someone with authority asks you to do something?
  • What could you do to show others that you are respectful?
  • Have you ever been disrespectful to someone with authority? What happened? 


What does respect authority mean

From: http://troopleadermom.blogspot.com/

  • "Who can tell me what Authority means?" (Someone in charge, a leader, someone who sets the rules, helps us follow rules, and/or keeps us safe.)
  •  "What are some examples of people in authority?" (Parents, teachers, principals, firemen, police officers, etc.) 
  • We talked about respecting not only people in authority, but following rules and obeying laws. Rules and laws can help keep you safe. I asked the girls to come up with some examples of rules that help keep us safe: 
    • Wear your seatbelt/sit in your booster
    • Look both ways before crossing the street
    • Don't run in the halls at school
    • Walk with your family in a parking lot 


What are times when we can disagree with an authority 

From: http://troopleadermom.blogspot.com/ 

Some interesting examples (these can vary for your own troop, based on age and maturity, obviously): 

  • If an older kid/teenager tells you to do something, but it's against the rules, is it respecting authority to do what he says? (This was a toughie for some of the kids.) We talked about bullying and the difference between a bigger person and someone who is a Person of Authority.
  • Is it respecting authority to cooperate when your teacher or parents ask you to follow the rules?
  • If you disagree with someone in authority, is that respectful? (I loved this one and explained it's fine to have your own opinion. For example, if I said, "Blue is the prettiest color," that was my opinion. And it was okay to say, "Well, I think yellow is the prettiest," and that's just fine.  You can disagree over an opinion, and be respectful about it. If you have a question about the rules, you can ask and talk about them in a respectful manner.




Activity Descriptions




Create A Neighborhood Mural

Create a mural starting with a family, adding drawings and/ or pictures of all the people whose work helps the members in the family. Don’t forget teachers, doctors, librarians,


Butcher paper


Magenta – Respect Authority


Make a firehouse

You might want to make a firehouse scene using a

shoebox. Girls can cut things from magazines to add to their “fire house”, add objects from home or color pictures to complete their fire house.



Construction paper



Magenta – Respect Authority


Musical Band

Gather some simple percussion or musical instruments. Or create your own instruments.

Use them to show how a band needs to respect the conductor by first allowing the girls to bang away and play on their own. Then coordinate the beat and put it to a simple song.

Expand on the idea that Police, parents, teachers and the like are much like the conductor, insuring harmony in our lives.

Ask girls to bring something musical to the meeting

Magenta – Respect Authority

Craft (10 min)

Thank you!

1. Split girls into small groups of two to four or have girls work individually.

2. Instruct the girls to think of someone or a group of people in their communities that have authority

and that they respect, like police officers or teachers.

3. Have each girl make a promise to the other girls in her group identifying how she will respect authority.

The girls in the group are now Promise Pals.

4. Have the girls write and decorate the thank you notes or cards to the people they have identified as

authority figures to thank them for everything they do. They should also tell them of their promises to

respect authority. 

Note cards or blank “thank you” cards

Writing or coloring utensils



Magenta – Respect Authority

Discussion /Game(10 min)

Read a book and Stand Up/Sit Down

Read the girls a story or tell them a scenario about children respecting or disrespecting authority. Ask the girls to stand up if the child in the story was respectful or sit down if disrespectful. If they think the child was being disrespectful, ask the girls how s/he should have acted differently.

o Office Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

o The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

o Curious George Visits a Police Station by Margaret Rey

o “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out” by Shel Silverstein 


Magenta – Respect Authority


Simon Says

The girls play a version of simon says. In this version, the girls only obey Simon if Simon is wearing a hat of authority, which we defined as a police hat, fire hat, or teacher hat. For the teacher hat, the leader took a cloth hat and labeled it “teacher.” The leader brought lots of dress-up hats and Simon kept swapping hats between hats of authority and silly hats (i.e. moose antlers, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, crown, hardhat, pirate hat). The girls enjoyed the game, enjoyed watching their leader wear a succession of silly hats, and really liked playing with the hats after the game.

Various Hats

Magenta – Respect Authority


Red Light, Green Light

Play a game of red light, green light. Discuss how they were respectful of the “authority” by asking permission to move.


Magenta – Respect Authority




Outings and Visitors

Visit a Police Station

Take with you a big batch of cookies for the officers, they will be very appreciative!

Here is my very detailed step by step guide to how I planned a police station visit.

Outing Police Station Visit - step by step plans.pdf

Outing Police Station Visit - step by step plans.odt


Visit a Fire Station

Take a trip to the fire department. They gave us a tour, allowed the girls to try on their uniforms, and squirt the fire hose. They talked about fire safety. We made them a special card to thank them. We also decorated all of their chalkboards while we waited for them to return from a fire. As we were arriving - they were leaving. It was rather exciting for the girls to see.


Speaker Ideas

  • Have someone in authority (principal, police officer, fire fighter, etc.) talk to the girls about what it means to have their job and how people depend on them.




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