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Orange, Responsible for What I Say and Do

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Ideas for Orange, Responsible for What I Say and Do Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

  1. Read and discuss Mari's story
  2. Act out ways to be responsible for what I say and do
  3. Practice being responsible for what I say and do 


Read a book

  • The leader read the book “David Gets in Trouble” by David Shannon. David’s antics have consequences.

  • Read your troop the story of Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister or have them watch the movie (we found both at our local library). After the story discuss how Rainbow Fish had to respect his friends in order to share with them. Also talk about the good feeling we get when we share with other people and how that relates to respecting ourselves.


Discussion topics


  • Here are some things for girls to discuss:
  • What do you do at home to show you are responsible?
  • How do words hurt? How do words make you feel better?
  • How do you feel when you keep a promise?
  • What could you do to show others that you are responsible? 


  • Chore chart

Have the girls think about what chore they could do to help mom do around the house and one that they can do at the Daisy meetings to help out, like take out the trash or push in the chairs at the end of the meetings. They have a chart to take home and check off for two weeks.

  • Help the girls make a list of “helping” words and phrases (“please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” etc.) and “hurting” words and phrases. Ask them which words they would rather speak-and hear from others.

  • Ask girls to remember a time when their actions caused a problem, and a time when their actions caused good things to happen. How did they feel each time?




Activity Descriptions



At Home

Ask your Girl Scout to share ideas about what she can do at home to show she is responsible. 


Orange - Responsible



Leader read “Berenstain Bears Manners Book” interactively with puppets. The girls decorated paper bags with faces and a verbal expression (please, thank you, welcome).

Get “Berenstain Bears Manners Book”

Paper bags


Orange - Responsible


Manners Skits

Do little skits with the girls where they have to role-play using good manners. For example, set up some chairs in bus formation and have one girl get on the bus who needs to sit down for one reason or another (is elderly, expecting, carrying m bags, all of the above.) Of course there are no seats available! Who will be nice enough to offer a seat. The leader assigned the parts by choosing straws and set up the scenes. You can do telephone calls, offering to share an umbrella, whatever. Be creative. They liked all the props – cane, baby dolls, overstuffed shopping bags and more.


Orange - Responsible


Plant some flowers at your meeting place




Prearrange with location

Orange - Responsible


Plant vegetable seeds for the girls to take home.

Explain to girls they are going to grow their own plant from a seed. Ask them

what a seed needs to make it grow? Good soil, water, sunlight and nutrients. A plant needs just enough of each of these items to grow sufficiently--not toomuch or too little. Spread newspaper upon the desks, give each girl a plastic cup, piece of plastic wrap for the top, rubber band, soil and seed. Have them plant their seed in the soil, water seed and put a plastic cover on top. Explain to thegirls that once the seed starts to grow (sprout) they must take the plastic off so the seed can be watered everyday and the sun can get to it.


Potting Soil


Orange - Responsible


Pick up trash

Do a service project that helps the environment. Pick up trash around the school, park or playground (wear gloves, of course!). Talk to the girls about how each person should help take care of the earth. Maybe plant a tree or some flowers.


Trash bags

Prearrange with location

Orange - Responsible


Following Safety Rules

Responsible for what I do can be as simple as having the girls always wear their seat belts when in a car and wear a helmet when riding a bike.


Chart with safety items and days of the week


Orange - Responsible

Craft (20 min)

Promise Pals

1. Split girls into small groups of two to four girls.

2. Have each girl share with her group one thing that she is going to do at home or at school to show

others that she is responsible for what she says and does. Ideas include:

Talking to someone new at school

Inviting a new friend over to play

Telling a friend why she likes her

Helping with a job at home

Being nice to a brother or sister

3. Have each girl make a promise to the other girls in her group identifying how she will be responsible for

what she says and does. The girls in the group are now Promise Pals.

4. If possible, have the small groups check in with one another at another troop meeting to make sure

they kept their promises.

5. Have girls color their Mari the Marigold coloring sheets.

6. Girls can write (or have an adult help them write) the thing they promised to do from Activity #4. This

coloring sheet will serve as a reminder of the girl’s promise. 

Mari the Marigold coloring sheets (1 per girl)

Meeting Mari the Marigold.pdf

Coloring utensils


Orange - Responsible


What do you say dear

We played a game based on the book “What do you say dear?” You really have to have read the book to understand the silliness of this game. The leader put up signs in the room for the correct things to say (yes please, no thank you, thank you). Don’t have too many signs and draw supporting pictures if you can so that non-readers won’t be embarrassed. Then, the leader told the girls scenarios and asked them “what do you say dear” and they ran to the right response. The leader started with normal scenarios – like if your friends asks you if you would like a piece of candy – what do you say dear. Then, the leader gradually moved on into more silly scenarios, ending with a powerpuff girls story.

yes please, no thank you, thank you signs

Orange - Responsible


Words Can Hurt Activity

Copy a picture from a coloring book. Have the girls color the picture. Have the girls crumple the picture into a ball. Now smooth out the picture. Note all the wrinkles left on the paper. Explain when you say something bad or mean it will always leave a mark on that person. Some marks don’t show but others do. A girl scouts job is to be responsible and not say things that might hurt someone on the inside. Discuss what words hurt and what words are nice.

Picture for coloring


Orange - Responsible

Game (10 min)

Word Power

1. Ask girls to stand up or jump if the word or phrase you say is helpful and makes them feel good and to

sit or crouch down if the words are hurtful and make them feel bad. Use the words below and/or

additional words of your own.

You’re my friend

I don’t like you


Thank you

Get away

I’m sorry

You’re not my friend

2. Asks girls how it felt to hear the helpful words and how it felt to hear the hurtful words. Talk about how

words can be powerful and it is important to pay attention to what you say and how you say it. 


Orange - Responsible

Game (15 min)

Chores Charades

1. Have girls play charades, acting out different things they can do at school or at home to help others

and show they are responsible. Use the ideas below to get started. Girls might come up with ideas of

their own, as well.

Brush your teeth

Make your bed

Carry your backpack

Set the table

Pick up toys

Wash your face

Walk the dog

Get dressed

2. When a girl is ready to act out an action, whisper it into her ear. Make sure she knows what the action


3. Ask the girl who guesses the action correctly be the next person to act. 


Orange - Responsible




We say, "Thank you."

We say, "Please."

We don't interrupt or tease.

We don't argue. We don't fuss.

We listen when folks talk to us.

We share our toys and take our turn.

Good manners aren't too hard to learn.

It's really easy, when you find.

Good manners means





Plant some flowers in a public place


Pick up trash at a public place or as part of a community activity


Tea Party

Learn proper table manners at a troop meeting.  Practice setting the table, asking to be excused, napkin in the lap, and other basics.  Then have a simple tea party to practice your manners.

Tea party plan.pdf






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