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Purple, Respect Myself and Others

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Ideas for Purple, Respect Myself and Others Meetings

Requirements for earning petal:

  1. Read and discuss Gloria's story
  2. Have an older girl come and talk to the troop about respecting themselves and others
  3. Practice being respecting yourself and others


Read a book

  • The Meanest Thing to Say" by Bill Cosby Little Bill and his friends have to deal with a new schoolmate who uses words to bully them. With the help of his family, Little Bill learns how to handle the bully respectfully and without risking a physical or verbal confrontation. We talked to the girls about how important it is to treat people respectfully and the respect themselves enough to withstand the cruel taunts of others that are inevitable in a school environment.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears go Rolling Around. This is an adaptation on Godilocks involving a bear who uses a wheelchair. We talked about how this story was the same as the "real" story and how it was different. I think it was a great opportunity to talk about diversity and acceptance.

  • "The Golden Rule". by: Ilene Cooper Grandfather explains that the golden rule is a simple statement on how to live that can be practiced by people of all ages and faiths, then helps his grandson figure out how to apply the rule to his own life.

  • "I Won't Comb My Hair" by Annette Langen about what happens when a little girl won't take care of her hair

  • The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect: Respecting Others 


Discussion topic

Name an Animal

Think about yourself. Think about the various animals. Pick one animal that might describe you. Share it with your group. (Definitely a smaller group exercise!)


Ways to show respect

Have girls think about the ways in which respect is given to others in our society-handshakes, giving your bus seat to an elderly person, not interrupting when someone else is talking.


Eating Healthy

How many of you had vegetables to eat yesterday? Maybe in a salad, or cooked?

Who had some beef or chicken? Maybe in a hamburger or a piece of meat?

Who had some cereal? Who had some grains -- tortillas, bread, rice, corn, or oatmeal? How about milk products -- did anyone have milk, yogurt, butter, or


All of these things are important for us to eat. It is important to have a balanced diet -- that means a little bit of a lot of things that are good for you, and not very much of things that aren_t so good for you -- like sweets or fats.

Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is a way to help us remember what we should eat to be healthy. On the bottom of the food pyramid are the things we should eat the most of, and on the top are the things we should eat the least of. What do you see on the top? (Sweets) What do you see on the bottom? (Grains and cereals)

What_s the next highest area? (Vegetables and fruit) And the next?

(Cheese/Milk and protein like meat and nuts and beans)

Have the girls take home a food pyramid and put a dot for each food they ate for one day.


I am Different, I am Unique

Discuss with the girls:

What things about yourself can you change? (clothes, feelings)

What things about yourself can you not change? (hair, skin)





Activity Descriptions



At Home

Ask your Girl Scout what she promised to do to show respect. Help her to keep her promise.

Talk about good table manners during family meals. 


Purple - Respect


Berry Good Banana Smoothie

Create a healthy snack

2 Bananas

1 Cup milk

2 Cups fresh or frozen strawberries

1 cup plain yogurt

Wash and remove stems from fresh strawberries.

Peel and slice bananas.

Put fruit into blender with milk and yogurt.

Whirl away






Purple - Respect


Variation: Good food snack

Prepare ahead of time and put in baggies - 1 per girl.

Let’s practice making a snack using things on the pyramid. Let_s start with the

bottom. (Put ingredients out.) Which should we put in from the first category?

Cereal! (Puffed, rice or wheat) What should go in from the next category? Fruit (raisins) How about the next category? We have nuts, but no milk products in this because it would get messy.

And last of all? Sweets – We’ll just put a little bit in.

Have girls add ingredients and mix it up. Save this for snack time.

Ziplock bags

Assorted ingredients


Purple - Respect



Leader read “Berenstain Bears Manners Book” interactively with puppets. The girls decorated paper bags with faces and a verbal expression (please, thank you, welcome).

Get “Berenstain Bears Manners Book”

Paper bags


Purple - Respect


Me In Paper

This is a very creative activity for Daisy Girl Scouts who are just beginning to get a definite sense of their bodies.

Girls should work in pairs for this activity. After they have found someone with whom to work, the paper is spread out on the floor.

One partner lies face up on the paper, while the other traces

her partner’s body with a crayon, drawing around the head,

neck, arms, waist, legs, all the way around the partner’s body. Then they switch.

Each person will have a tracing of her body done by her

partner. Each girl takes her paper statue and decorates it putting in as many details as possible – eyes, nose, mouth, hair, skin,

clothes, etc. She may use any of the available materials to do this. When they’re finished decorating the girls cut out their

statues along the thick crayon outlines and display them.

Talk about differences, similarities in decorations, size, etc.

1 roll of 36’ wide paper tape

blunt-edged scissors cloth scraps

crayons, pencils, markers colored paper




Purple - Respect



Make a giant daisy on the piece of cardboard. Each girl can decorate a petal, on the white paper, and glue it onto the giant daisy.

Girls may want to put their handprints on one end of the petal and draw their faces on the other end.

Butcher paper

Paper petals



Purple - Respect


What about yourself makes you feel good

We passed out some pages with I am wonderful on the top and some crayons and told the girls to write or draw whatever they liked. To think of something about themselves that makes them feel good, whether it be helping out at home, or being kind, or a good friend, etc. 

 I encouraged the girls to draw or write anything at all they wanted, but all the examples I used were NON-appearance related.

From: http://troopleadermom.blogspot.com/

paper with I am wonderful


Purple - Respect

Craft (10 min)

Promise Pals

1. Split girls into small groups of two to four girls.

2. Have each girl share with her group one thing that she is going to do at home or at school to show

respect for herself and others. Ideas include:

Brushing your teeth every morning and night

Using good manners at the table

Listening to friends and what they have to say

Making healthy choices:

o Eating a good breakfast

o Choosing healthy snacks

o Getting exercise everyday

3. Have each girl make a promise to the other girls in her group identifying how she will respect herself

and others. The girls in the group are now Promise Pals.

4. If possible, have the groups check in with each other at another meeting to see if they kept their promises.

1. Have girls color in their Gloria the Morning Glory coloring sheets.

2. Girls can write (or have an adult help them write) the thing they promised to do from Activity #4. This

coloring sheet will serve as a reminder of the girl’s promise. 

Gloria the Morning Glory coloring sheets (1 per girl)


Coloring utensils


Purple - Respect

Craft and Game

Paper Plate Faces

Have each girl make a happy and a sad face using a paper plate and markers.

The happy face is one side; the sad face is on the other side. Attach each paper plate to a Popsicle stick or tongue depressor, which will function as a handle.

Variation: How Do You Feel?

I’d like each of you to listen very carefully because I am going to read a number of sentences to you. Each statement describes a situation. And after you have heard the situation, you will probably be able to guess how being in that situation will make you feel.

To show how the situation makes you feel, please raise either the happy face or the sad face in the air. Remember that you will not all show the same face at the same time, because each of you is unique and different, with different feelings and reactions.

Accept a variation of answers. Read the following statements aloud to the


How do you feel:

  • When someone smiles at you?
  • When someone says you are not nice?
  • When someone calls you a mean name?
  • When someone says she likes you?
  • When you tell someone you are sorry?
  •  When you pick up something your grandma dropped on the floor?
  • When you tell someone you love them?
  • When you are going to the dentist?
  • When you are going to a party?
  •  When your friend spills lemonade on you?
  • When you win a game?
  • When someone else wins a game?
  • When someone says you did good work?
  • When some classmates call you _four-eyes_ because you wear glasses?
  • When someone gives you a compliment?
  •  When you get a new toy?
  • ·         When your toy gets broken?
  • ·         When you are helping someone?
  • ·         When someone throws a candy wrapper on the playground?
  • ·         About someone who looks different from you?


Variation: Act Out Feelings

Let’s look at some other emotions besides happy and sad. Who wants to come up and show the group what it looks like to feel surprised? Would someone else like to come up and show the group what it looks like to feel puzzled orconfused, like when you don_t understand something?

Give each girl a mirror. Now, lets look into our mirrors and have some fun pulling our faces in front of the mirror and looking at different expressions.


Paper plates

Popsicle stick

Construction paper

Purple - Respect


Manners Skits

Do little skits with the girls where they have to role-play using good manners. For example, set up some chairs in bus formation and have one girl get on the bus who needs to sit down for one reason or another (is elderly, expecting, carrying m bags, all of the above.) Of course there are no seats available! Who will be nice enough to offer a seat. The leader assigned the parts by choosing straws and set up the scenes. You can do telephone calls, offering to share an umbrella, whatever. Be creative. They liked all the props – cane, baby dolls, overstuffed shopping bags and more.


Purple - Respect


Glitter Germs

Use glitter to demonstrate how germs can spread.

Variation: Glitter and vaseline from http://troopleadermom.blogspot.com/

For our first activity, I had mixed some Vaseline and fine green glitter in a small plastic container (Vaseline works well for this, because it will stick more than lotion, but it's messier, and requires a LOT of washing; however, this is a great illustration for needing to wash your hands thoroughly. Be sure to use the fine, small glitter as opposed to the larger-sized glitter, so it won't be rough on their skin).   


I had the girls line up in two lines in the hall, and I explained that I had pretend "germs" in the container, and then I opened it up ("EW!") and slathered a very generous amount on my hands. Then I smeared it on the palm of each leader of the two lines. They in turn smeared it on the palm of the girl behind, and so on, until the very end of the line: 





Purple - Respect


Manners Skits

Do little skits with the girls where they have to role-play using good manners. For example, set up some chairs in bus formation and have one girl get on the bus who needs to sit down for one reason or another (is elderly, expecting, carrying m bags, all of the above.) Of course there are no seats available! Who will be nice enough to offer a seat. The leader assigned the parts by choosing straws and set up the scenes. You can do telephone calls, offering to share an umbrella, whatever. Be creative. They liked all the props – cane, baby dolls, overstuffed shopping bags and more.


Purple - Respect


Use That Body

Together the children make numbers--shapes--letters--with their bodies. Everyone· in the group must be included.


Purple - Respect


A Chance to be Nice

Players line up facing one another. Taking turns each player skips down the line while the others say something nice about that person. This is a good opportunity to talk to the girls about how learning to respect others means treating them the way you would like to be treated!


Purple - Respect


Clothes Switch

One players wear a very large old shirt. Partners hold hands. The aim is to get the shirt onto the second partner without letting go of the hands.

Large shirts

Purple - Respect


Scavenger Hunt

For respect yourself, we did treasure hunts for different heatlh-care items. We talked about dental health, then they went to the living room and hunted for one toothbrush and one tube of travel toothpasted each. We talked about grooming, and they went to the dining room and hunted for hair clips and ponytail holders. Then we talked about what to do when you get hurt, and they went to the kitchen and hunted for 3 band-aids each. Prior to this, they colored brown lunch bags with pictures of themselves. For respecting others, we did a "game show." I asked them questions (would you call your teacher "hey you",would you cut in line, would you pinch someone, etc). If they got it right, they were given a sticker to put in their treasure hunt bag.

health care items

Purple - Respect


Stomp It Out!

Purpose:Let the girls express themselves and channel energy, anger or frustration. To do: The group should sit in a circle (preferably) and each girl They gets a chance to say one thing that can make her mad (it might be something that happened that week, or in general). You can pass around the inflatable microphone because it can make it easier for them to communicate. Also, if you start with something they can relate to (for example, I don't like it when people cut in front of me in line!), it will get them going.

Once everyone has had a chance, tell them you're going to "stomp out" the mad feelings. Have the girls stand up and at the count of three, let them all stomp to their hearts' content. Have them shake their arms and legs. They might even yell "Angry feelings go away!"

Inflatable microphone

Purple - Respect


Down the Hole

You will need an old sheet or bedspread and a ball (or use Wally). Cut a small hole, just big enough for the ball, in the center of the bedspread or sheet. Children hold the edges of the sheet and try to get the ball to go through the hole.


Sheet with hole cut out

Purple - Respect


Daisy to Daisy

One person is the caller. Each girl finds a partner. The caller chants out different body parts that the paired players must match by touching. Example: Caller chants "nose to nose". Partners touch nose to nose. Caller chants "head to head". Partners touch head to head, etc. When caller chants "Daisy to Daisy, everyone runs to find another partner, and the chants start again. Different callers can be chosen through out the game. This is a great way for Daisy Girl Scouts to build confidence and troop/group spirit.


Purple - Respect


Group Juggling

Stand in a circle, facing the center. Starting with one ball (or tube sock with tennis balls in it), throw it and catch it in a pattern until everyone has tossed and caught the ball once. The last catcher tosses the ball back to the player who started the pattern. Now, the juggling begins. Start one ball, then try one more ball, and another, etc. Try to keep as many balls in the air as possible. If one drops, pick it up and continue the pattern.

Several Koosh balls; Nerf balls or bean bags.

Purple - Respect


Kid Safety, Understanding Disabilities, and the Benefits of Team Work

Balloon Bop: Stand the girls in one to three circles each with one leader and an air-filled balloon. Taking turns, one hit per girl, keep the ball in the air within the circle. Now limit one body part: no R/L hand, no elbows, no knees, until they are left with only their head. Call out silly accidents such as "Oh no! You touched a hot stove! Stop using your right hand until it's all better! 10 seconds" as you play the song 99 Luftballoons (see link below). Discuss how you would problem solve if you were a person with limited range of motion or disabilities. Talk about encouraging your other teammates; discuss helpful things teammates said to one another.


Purple - Respect

Game (10 min)

Girl Scout Traditions

1. Explain that Girl Scouts has traditions—things that Girl Scouts have done for many years—that show

respect, including:

Girl Scout Quiet Sign: When everyone is talking and it’s time to be quiet, someone raises her

right hand and stops talking. As others see her hand in the air, they raise their right hands and

stop talking, too.

Girl Scout Handshake: Girls shake with their left hands and make the Girl Scout sign with their

right hands.

2. Practice using the Girl Scout Quiet Sign and Girl Scout Handshake. When girls practice the Girl Scout

handshake, have them introduce themselves to one another.

3. Ask girls how these Girl Scout traditions help them show respect for others. 


Purple - Respect

Game (30 min)

Gloria Says Manners

Ensure your space has tables and chairs for each girl.

Set the table(s) with plates, napkins and utensils and place snack on the table.

1. Have all the girls stand around the table(s).

2. Tell girls that Gloria the Morning Glory is the flower that represents the part of the Girl Scout Law

about respecting yourself and others. Explain that they will play a game similar to Simon Says, called

Gloria Says that is about good manners.

3. Explain the rules of the game:

The goal of the game is to do things that are polite or use good manners and to not do things that are impolite and use bad manners.

You will call out an action. If a girl thinks the action is polite and shows good manners, sheshould do the action. If she thinks the action is impolite and shows bad manners she should just sit still. For example, if you say, “Greet someone by saying hello,” girls should turn to the

girl next to them and say hello. If you say, “Chew with your mouth open,” girls should sit still.

Optional: Have the girls sit out if they make a mistake.

4. Call out the actions below, or use some of your own.

Quietly pull your chair away from the table and sit down.

Reach over and grab snack.

Put your napkin in your lap.

Ask the person sitting by the snack to please pass the snack around the table.

Eat your snack as soon as you get it.

Say please and thank you.

Take a bite of your snack and chew with your mouth open.

Take a bit of your snack and chew with your mouth closed.

Stick out your tongue at someone near you.

Ask someone sitting next to you what her favorite snack is.

5. After playing the game, ask girls if there are other table manners that they use that you haven’t talked

about yet.

6. While enjoying snack, here are some things for girls to discuss:

What words can you use to show respect? Please. Thank You. You’re Welcome.

What can you do to show that you respect yourself?

How can you show good manners at home and at school? 


Silverware/Plastic silverware


Plate or bowl for snack

Snack that can be eaten using utensils


Purple - Respect



The Smile Song

A smile is such a happy thing,

It lights up all your face.

And when it_s gone

You cannot see

Its secret hiding place.

The funny thing about a smile,

Is what a smile can do.

You smile at me,

I smile at you,

And both our smiles--make two.



We say, "Thank you."

We say, "Please."

We don't interrupt or tease.

We don't argue. We don't fuss.

We listen when folks talk to us.

We share our toys and take our turn.

Good manners aren't too hard to learn.

It's really easy, when you find.

Good manners means



Outings and Visitors

Field Trip Ideas:

o Visit a local doctor’s or dentist’s office to learn about taking care of one’s body or teeth.

o Have girls write thank you notes for parents, teachers, police officers, firefighters or other

important people in their lives, and deliver the notes to show appreciation for everything that

they do.


Speaker Ideas:

  • Invite a doctor, nurse or dentist to talk to girls about taking care of themselves.


Medical visitor

Have a doctor, nurse or dentist talk to the girls about how important it is to take care of themselves.

Variation: EMT

A super easy and fun way to earn this petal is to have an EMT visit the girls and show a bit about the ambulance and emergency procedure. They can also talk about some safety precautions when playing (mosthave seen their fair share of accidents). Help the girls understand that when they respect someone they worto help keep them safe.


Tea Party

Learn proper table manners at a troop meeting.  Practice setting the table, asking to be excused, napkin in the lap, and other basics.  Then have a simple tea party to practice your manners.

Tea party plan.pdf



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