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Get to Know You Games

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Get to Know You Games

Ball Name Game

Supplies: Nerf football

  • Play a get-acquainted game such as the Ball Toss Name Game.
  • Stand in a circle.
  • Have each person say her name and have the group repeat her name.
  • Start the game by tossing a bean bag, Koosch Ball, or Nerf Ball to one person in the group, saying her name as you throw the ball.
  • That person then calls out the name of someone else in the group and tosses the ball to her.
  • Continue playing until all the girls know each others' names.

Variation: Silly Name Game

The silly name game is a fun way to help students develop their memories while learning the names of their new friends at the first meeting. Each student chooses a word that starts with the same letter as his first name. For example, Joseph could be Jumping Joseph. Then students take turns saying their name and word out loud for the rest of the class to hear. The students will be laughing and giggling at everyone's silly names in no time.

Variation: The Empty Chair

Supplies: Enough chairs for everyone plus one extra

In her book, "101 Movement Games for Children," Huberta Wiertsema shares the game called "The Empty Chair." For this game you need chairs for everyone in the group, plus one extra.

  • Arrange all of the chairs in a wide circle, facing inward. The circle needs to be big enough to allow for running.
  • All of the children sit in the chairs and announce their names. Ask the children to repeat the name, if necessary. If there are multiple people with the same name, ask if one uses a nickname or add the first initial of their last names.
  • The child sitting to the right of the empty chair must "slap" the chair and call out a name of one of the children in the circle.
  • The child belonging to that name runs to the empty chair and sits down.
  • The child next to the newly emptied chair calls out a new name and the game continues until everyone's name has been called.



Shoe Talk

Supplies: 2 Trash Bags

  •  Divide the class into 2 groups & give them each 1 trash bag.
  • Put each group at opposite sides of the room
  •  Each child takes off 1 shoe & places in the group’s bag
  •  Swap bags between groups
  •  Students reach in, grab a shoe, & find their partners
  •  The student asks a get to know you question
  • When finished they sit back in their line.



Line Up!

  • All children stand up
  • You yell out a category and students line up again the wall if the category applies to them
  • For example, the teacher might say, “Line up if you have a pet.”
  • Encourage discussion by taking it further and having kids find another peer who either likes the same thing or has the same thing. In this example the teacher gives the children about 30 seconds to find someone with their kind of pets


Two Truths and a Lie

  • Maybe break into one or two groups for this one
  • To play Two Truths and a Lie, each child in the group must reveal two facts and one made-up statement about himself, without saying which is which.
  • Then the group must guess which statement is false.

Two Truths and a Lie works best with smaller groups of kids so the group has more time to spend on guessing, perhaps trying to figure out not only which statement is false but why.




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